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Welcome to ZenTrout News, home of meltmaster

June 9, 2009


What or who is a “meltmaster”?

A meltmaster is a thing named Dan Jackson, who likes to make sounds pretty and awful. It is me.

Where does the name “meltmaster” come from?

“meltmaster” is a halfcocked derivative of the term “multi-melta,” a devasting firey, plasmatic weapon from the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 game. The name came from Dan’s father. One day he started calling one of the Warhammer characters “Flagron Meltmaster” [pro-nownced “FLAY-GRAWN”] in derision of the game as a whole. Even though Dan’s father (my father, because I’m Dan) wasn’t involved in the game, the name stuck. Dan used it as his email name and the rest is history. One time Dan’s dad bit his friend’s shoe and was sick for a week. All ancient history.

What is  ZenTrout News, home of meltmaster?

ZenTrout News comes from the family newspaper of years gone past. meltmaster, (that’s me) has appropriated the name for his own reasons.

Where’s the flesh, the meat, the product?

Most of meltmaster’s music is in the public domain, under various CC licenses or what have you. What follows is a link list. Please click on through the links. You will be informed of the possible outcome of clicking on the link through commentary in brackets after the link.

meltmaster’s myspace page. [This will lead you to meltmaster’s myspace page. Melting Tuneage. (By Melting Tuneage, I mean that it is more on the strange side of things.) Some of this stuff has been played on the Boulder, Colorado station KGNU on the show Under the Floorboards, stewarded by the one and only Little Fyodor. LF has a liking and a propensity for the strange as much as anyone. (His myspace music page is here.]

A Better Tomorrow II’s myspace page. [Same artist, and also a myspace page, but the tuneage  is seemingly less melting, more standard electronica fare.]

meltmaster’s page [This will lead you to meltmaster’s page, where you can DOWNLOAD Melting Tuneage music for free. Free music on the internet? You bet! Jump on the free music express!]

ZenTrout News’ page [This will lead you to more meltmaster free tuneage]

Flagron Meltmaster’s page [This will lead you to vintage melts; most of this music was made before the turn of the millenium. Have at it, fanboys and fangirls!]

Angry and Sloppy [This is Dan Jackson’s original blog. He posts as “sarcasmus” on everything in particular.]

meltmaster on Jamendo, the free music resource. [This will lead you to the website “Jamendo,” and meltmaster’s free tracks on it–same tracks are available on, but at higher bitrate quality.]

Raw From Selection, the meltmaster podcast. Click here to subscribe in iTunes. [On there, there is melting tuneage that you can’t find anywhere else. Maximum multi-melting power.]

meltmaster on [I lied about Raw From Selection. Most of what you can’t find anywhere else you can also find here.]

Happy melting!

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